Acigraf is without any doubt an important name in rotogravure printing’s history, symbol of an Italian reality that was able to impose itself in the international market, giving a substantial impulse in the 60’ and 70’ years for the development of the current most advanced photogravure system.
Since 1963 Acigraf has experienced many changes, one of the most relevant was the replace of the old management with a complete new one, as a result of the acquisition by Reprochem in 1985.
Heir of an indisputable technological patrimony, the Acigraf and Reprochem group is ready to face the challenges advanced by increasingly demanding, attentive and competitive market, focusing on a young and dynamic management, able to combine renovation and solid corporate values.
The management is now ready to break new ground and to consolidate the results achieved over the years, thanks to its competence, the experience gained, and to the creation of a new line of highly hi-tech products.
The innovation and development of new technologies in the field of rotogravure printing, in particular in the production of printing cylinders, represent the main key of the success of Acigraf and Reprochem.
The group has a valid research team who, day after day, works closely with the customer in order to improve their production cycle and meet the increasingly demanding end-user requirements.
In this way, productive and quality advantages are guaranteed.