Acigraf developed a new plating line completely automatic and robotized for the production of rotogravure cylinder. The cylinder is positioned into the machines from a fully automatic hoist controlled under supervision of our Acimatic software. The new Acimatic program, through an optimum management of the communication with the plc, foresees the necessary basic and complex functions to optimize the Acimatic line production. The Acimatic compact line is designed using the latest shaft less technology with perfect cylinder sealf centering. Possibility of working sequence using more than 10 different machines, management for each machine of over 12 automatic cycles, display on pc of the instantaneous status of the machines, exactly as displayable on the control panel located on the machine itself and no operator required in the night shift make of Acimatic the right choice in case you are looking for the best technology availableon the market. Acimatic line is available for: Alkaline copper plating, Electrolytic Degreasing process, Hard Copper plating, Finishing for copper and chrome, Chrome plating, De-chrome process. Automatic cranes 2 or 3 axys, robotic trolleys and fully automatic cylinders storage are also designed, customized and produced by Acigraf to offer you the best possible layout.