Acigraf proudly present the only real simultaneous cutting and polishing machine for rotogravure cylinder Super Perfast.

A fully automatic machine that allow to make all the operation required in one step with the highest speed on the market while guaranteeing very tight geometric tolerances.

After loading the cylinder into the machine and selecting the proper program you just have to push the start button.

Additionally it is possible to run the machine in manual mode.

The result is a finished cylinder with the roughness surface ready to engrave.

Apart the “Zero Tool” automatic preset software that allow the calibration of the three cutting tools (central tool plus side tools) in less than one minute many new option, features and upgrade have been designed and installed in 2016 to reach the highest quality possible.

The processing time for a cylinder with face 1300mm and circumference 600mm, including cylinder measurement, stone dressing, cylinder edges cutting, simultaneous cutting and finishing, cylinder drying and final measure takes about 15 minutes.

With more than 70 installation in many Countries in the major Companies Super Perfast is nowadays a renowned name in rotogravure cylinder industry.

You are welcome to visit us to discover all the details of our Super Perfast.